UAE VAT Return System

Introducing the VAT Return System for Small Businesses in UAE

I don’t know about you, but filing my VAT return doesn’t seem to get any easier, no matter if I’ve already done it a couple of times.  The problem isn’t with having to pay VAT.  I’m from New Zealand, and we’ve had VAT tax for years.  And it’s a lot more than the VAT amount in UAE!

We have developed a really simple on-line VAT calculator which makes completing my invoices much easier.   So, the issue of VAT calculation is well and truly handled. Even the VAT e filing isn’t difficult. The VAT online form is easy to follow and makes perfect sense.  So, if you have reached the threshold for paying value added tax, then once you complete your VAT registration, the process is dead simple.

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Nope, that’s not my problem.  My problem is that I  am not very organized.  So, I tend to lose things like invoices and bills where I have paid VAT to suppliers which I can claim back. Sometimes I think my cat hides the copies from me. It’s been a real rush at the end of each VAT return period to get everything in order.

So I talked to a couple of guys I know and they have created an amazing Excel template which does everything for me! And the cat cannot steal things and screw up the system either!  It has saved me so much time and frustration!

VAT isn’t going away, so you may as well get really good at managing it.  And this brilliant system does that for you!

Just in case you want to know a bit more about it, here’s a little bit more about what it does.  Starting from the end and working back:

  • It does the entire VAT calculation automatically
  • produces the final VAT payment number on a form which is identical to the one you need for filing your VAT online return
  • It logs all your customer and supplier information so you only have to enter it once – saves huge time
  • It logs all your invoices, separating out the VAT payments for each emirate
  • It does the same for all payments you make where you pay VAT charges
  • You can modify the template font, add your logo and business details to suit yourself.
  • It creates beautiful  VAT invoices and payment advices in 10 different colors using a very professional-looking template

There you have it.  No matter if you’re a a solopreneur or a bigger business, this mighty VAT Return System will take away three big headaches:

  • Calculating the right VAT by emirate
  • Keeping a running total of your VAT invoices and payments
  • Delivering the exact numbers you need to compete the VAT online return

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Find it, love it and download it!

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