The Businessmentals Podcast

The Businessmentals Podcast


We’re so excited to announce that we’re launching our own show, The Businessmentals Podcast! We’ll be covering a whole bunch of topics from tools for business to tips for life.

To kick off the show, we’re covering the very important topic of self-confidence. Many people mistake self-confidence for arrogance but that’s not really the case!

Self-confidence, in the business world, is about selling yourself, standing out among your peers, and making yourself golden in the eyes of your manager. But how much of an impact can it really make on your career?

This is especially crucial for this time of the year when those yearly performance reviews and self-evaluation forms start rolling out. For those who are not exactly sure of how to approach it, this is for you! We’ll show you how you can ace your self-evaluation and highlight what you’ve accomplished rather than where you’ve fallen short in the eyes of your manager.

Listen to the first episode of the podcast to find out! And stay tuned for more episodes. The next episode could be closer than you think!

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