VAT Return System – UAE Edition 2.0


A simple system for recording all your VAT invoices and VAT payments, producing a summary form which is identical to the FTA online format, so all you need to do is cut and paste.

Product Contents:

  • A simple, yet powerful basic accounting system for small businesses in the UAE
  • Excel-based tables and forms where customer and supplier details are entered just once, and VAT is automatically calculated.
  • Also contains a detailed manual which not only shows you how to use the Return system but gives valuable accounting advice and tax advice as well.
  • Fully automatic generation of VAT Return Form based on recorded income and expenses – no manual calculations and as good as expensive accounting software.
  • The Return Form is IDENTICAL to the FTA online return form, so all you have to do is cut and paste.
  • VAT Return calculation with standard business software you already own – Microsoft Excel.
  • Record your transactions as easy as filling out a simple table.
  • Create invoices and credit notes automatically (no double input).
  • Just select the invoice number and your document is instantly ready to be printed or saved as a PDF file and sent to your customer.
  • Complies with both your needs and legal requirements.

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