Small Business Plan


“Fail to plan, plan to fail!” the wise old man said “Or, get the amazing Small Business Plan from Businessmentals and get on the right track and stay there!” Who are we to argue?

Product Contents:

360,000 people a month look online for a business plan template, and most of the ones we’ve seen are all about raising finance.  But for many small businesses, what THEY need is a simple way of planning out what they want to do (and can afford to do) in the coming year.  So our Small Business Plan makes it easy to look at where you are, and where you want to be; what will help you and what may slow you down; and how you prioritize your activity.


Having a written business plan is incredibly important.  It:

  • Gives you much more clarity about the future, so you can make the right decisions NOW
  • Shows you what you need to do to maintain your cash flow (and not go under!)
  • Creates confidence in you and others that you’re on a properly analyzed track, instead of all over the place!


The Small Business Plan  is a simplified version of the standard business plan template used by large companies and expensive consultants around the world. It contains the following:

  • The nine areas you need to be very clear about BEFORE the year starts
  • The numbers you want to hit – sales, revenues, profit
  • The changes you need to make to hit your targets
  • Detailed analysis of where you are now and what will support you or stop you achieving your goals ( SWOT analysis)
  • A very clear action list with dates and resources required to make your plan a reality


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