Collect Overdue Payments


You agreed payment terms in the quote, you’ve done the work, sent a fabulous invoice and… Nada.  Zip. What now?  Our relentless Collect Overdue Payments business process template gives you everything you need to pry your hard-earned money out of the hands of your overdue customers.  This is war and you’re ready for battle!

Product contents:

Many businesses fail because they have no process for collecting on outstanding payments.  Th Collect Overdue Payment template was written by a lawyer with bitter memories of not being paid a very large amount of money, so it’s tight, clinical and not-quite-hostile (but close to it)!  In other words, everything you need to shake the tree!  Professional templates, letters, conversation coaching – all you need to extract the money you’re owed on a timely basis.  Makes you sound like you’ve already been to your lawyer – and in a funny way, you have!


A strong process for recovering overdue payments is essential for every business.  It enables you to

  • Have confidence that you can get paid for the work you do
  • Show your client that you’re a force to be reckoned with
  • Stand tall and not be walked all over by less than honest clients