The 4 x 4 Business Bundle


The first four business processes you’ll need to get started and on your way, so don’t leave home without them!

Product contents:

The 4 x 4 Business Bundle takes you through from the time you’re thinking of starting your business to chasing payments from overdue clients.  The bundle contains:

  • The Start-up checklist
  • The Small business plan
  • Quote-Invoice-Receipt templates and business advice
  • Collect Overdue Payments

Plus explanatory videos, worked examples, helpful hints, thought-provoking challenges to your thinking – in fact EVERYTHING you need to go from the tickle of an idea to the Ka-Ching of your first payment!


With this amazing bundle of stylish business processes, you can

  • Be very clear why you’re starting a business
  • Swing right into action without spending ages looking for very average templates you have to modify
  • Stay on track as you get up and running
  • Invoice clients immediately and professionally

Chase outstanding payments professionally and relentlessly!