How to Write Effective Email Subjects

How to Write Effective Email Subjects

This could be just what you’re looking for.

Especially if you are sending out cold emails trying to get appointments with clients. Ah. I can see this could lead to confusion. I was trying to tell you about great subject lines, but I may have inadvertently caught your attention. Sorry, not sorry!

“This could be just what you’re looking for” could be the best subject line you could use to get that prospect to open your email. No capital letters. How do I know it’s a really strong email subject line? Well, for 2 reasons.

Tip #1: Copy and paste it into SendCheckIt, the secret weapon for everyone who writes emails. It will tell you whether your subject line is interesting enough to catch people’s attention in the first 1.5 seconds. The one which caught your attention scores 104, which is very close to the maximum score.

Tip #2: When I have used it, I have achieved open rates 3 and 4 times higher than with other subject lines… particularly “informative” lines, where I explain what the email is about in the subject line. For example “Our great new VAT Return System!” which scored 83, or slightly above “Have I got an amazing deal for you!”

Tip#3: I know this looks like reason #3…. But what’s a fact between friends? Anyyyyway….Mae Bornillo, our Freelance Warrior and marketing strategist, has been following the email writing style of the very wonderful and funny Jon Buchan of Charm Offensive fame combined with quirky and entertaining subject lines. She’s been doing it for 2 weeks.

She sent 4 such emails and is now terrified. All 4 prospects want to meet her next week and discuss work with her because they all said her approach was so entertaining and original.

Can you imagine sending out 10 emails and getting 6 – 7 firm meetings with prospective clients?

Can you imagine your productivity index climbing and climbing!

(You do track that, don’t you? If you don’t, ping me here.)

Ever since we started using Jon’s email style, modified slightly for our purposes, our open rates, clicks and conversions have skyrocketed. Highly recommended!

Now it’s our turn…

If we could show how you to become more productive and profitable, and avoid wasting time and money, which means to you that you would have more time to invest in your expanding client base, would that be of interest to you?

If your answer is yes or “I’m suspicious, show me!”, then click here.

I can assure you, I won’t regret it (Hopefully, you won’t, too!).

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