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Hourly Rate Calculator for Freelancers

Hourly Rate Calculator

An hourly rate is the price you charge a client for the duration of rendering your services. The longer it takes to complete a project, the more you charge because it takes up more of your time.

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Customer Buyer Persona Creator

Persona Creator

Having a customer (or buyer) persona helps you understand your target market’s behavior and traits to help you strategize your marketing around them.

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Outreach Email Template for Family and Friends for Freelancers Businessmentals

Outreach Email Template

As a fresh freelancer or entrepreneur, connecting with your family and friends and offering them your services is a good start. Remember, it’s not only about them potentially needing your expertise but also about who they know who might need you.

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Marketing Your Small Business Standing Out In A Competitive World Free Ebook

Marketing Your Small Business Ebook

“Marketing Your Small Business: Stand Out in a Competitive World” is about the fascinating challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace! It’s made up of a collection of observations, excerpts from articles and some home-spun wisdom by Steve Ashby and Lynda Waka.

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Monthly Budget and Annual Expenses Calculator

Monthly Spend and Annual Expense Calculator

Keeping track of your monthly spend in your business could be the difference between the difference between success and failure. As well as knowing how much you are invoicing clients, you also have to know how much it is costing you to run your business. Because that’s the only way you can work out your break-even point and the profit that you’re making.

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