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Top 10 Actionable Steps on How to be a Freelancer | Businessmentals

Top 10 Actionable Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Every aspiring freelance warrior dreams of the day they’ll be able to enjoy a life of financial stability and a long line of clients waiting to get in touch with them.  The old freelancing lifestyle! It’s very possible to get to that point in your freelance business. I’ve seen and met freelancers of different fields [Read more.]

Ultimate Guide to Get Your First Clients in 2019 Finding New Clients

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your First Six New Clients

Working out how to get clients is an essential part of learning how to start a business.  And then after getting your first few new clients, you need to work out how to get more clients!  So, you need a repeatable process. It’s kinda like add water and stir… So in this ultimate guide on [Read more.]

how to find clients in 2019 the ultimate guide to find clients in 2019

A Freelancer’s Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Ways to Find Great Clients

Learning how to start a business can be tough.  And the piece people struggle most with is how to get clients.  And once they have collected all the low-hanging fruit (clients provided by friends and family, and through other personal connections), What do they do?  Who can show them how to get more clients? Ones [Read more.]

How to Get Clients to Pay on Time

How to Get Clients to Pay on Time

The biggest risk to any business is poor cashflow.  And one of the biggest risks to cashflow in the service business world is not getting paid on time. While letting the air out of  their tyres or throwing a brick through their window might be attractive, it’s not very productive. Nor is going on to [Read more.]

Becoming the Best Business Owner You Can Be

Becoming the Best Business Owner You Can Be

Lots of the gurus talk about reaching our potential as if we all came out  of the same baby factory, all the same to start with. But we didn’t. We are all unique and individual.  We all have lives to lead, with different stresses, demands and needs and desires. Not everyone wants to be a [Read more.]