Tools for Business

You can get free templates just about anywhere these days.  But you don’t often get instruction on how to use them.  And if you’re new in business, then every bit of good advice helps.

We’ve moved beyond templates.  We provide great stylish “mini business processes” and helpful hints, worked examples and other neat stuff to make sure you actually know all about the process.  And you can see where each template fits in.

Much more powerful than some gaudy bits of paper that may (or may not!) do the job you want them to!!

Tools for Life

 Business is a part of life, but it is NOT life.

  • We provide you with some neat ways to build yourself at the same time as your building your business.
  • Learn more about the Colournostics program; address common issues like procrastination, being disorganized; and develop the essential shield of resilience.
  • Running your business will be more fun and fulfilling if it doesn’t dominate your life.
  • The best way to prevent this from happening is to train your body and mind to deal with the stresses and strains of daily commerce.

As the ancient Romans would say: “Noli commercium carborundorum!” (Never let the business grind you down!)

Step by Step? Done!

Easy to follow, easy to use, and highly effective processes, and on-line courses for smoothly executing your business plan, and your personal development.

Connected? You betcha!

Our work/Life balance improvement ideas are deeply connected to reinforce each other and help you and your business grow.

Scalable? Sorted!

Whether you are starting a business of 1 or 250 our approach to business management and personal development will work for everyone .

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“This is the first site I’ve seen which treats business and people as equally important when it comes to being in the best shape possible to achieve the best overall result. I’ve learned heaps from Steve and the team about how to run my business better, and what I need to do to get some balance into my life. Not always always easy with 2 rocket-powered boys under 4!”​

Alison Harkin, Scotland.

Limelite Creative​

“Throughout the 18 years I’ve known and worked with Steve he’s always been interested in both the commercial and the people side of business. Combining Tools for Business with Tools for Life represents the philosophy perfectly. You can’t have one without the other if you want to lead a fulfilled and successful life. And he’s the right guy to bring it all together.

Simon Campbell, Australia.

Intrepidus Consulting

“I have worked with Steve for 8 years as he created and grew successful businesses: And now I’m loving working with the whole team bringing the Businessmentals promise of creating work/life balance to people all over the world. The Bmentals team is young, vibrant and very smart (apart from Steve… lol). Steve knows how to create a work environment where they get to shine everyday! And we all benefit as a result!”​

Nandini Vohra, Dubai.

The Guild PR

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